Saturday, 3 November 2012


It is starting to rain more often. The rain is usually sudden and intense, then the weather clears right up. we had a really good rainbow last week, and I like this picture of it with Melanie, one of the other volunteers. The Malagasy word for rainbow is havana, which can also mean family. (The emphasis is on the first syllable, not like the Cuban city.) 

The fruit is starting to be ready, and you can sometimes get mangoes and papaya. The lychees are starting to get red, and I am just realizing how many lychee trees there are around Kianjavato. Hery told me they will be ripe November 23rd, but he might just be saying that so I stop asking him about it. I should get just the start of the lychees and pineapples before I have to leave.

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  1. Fresh pineapples and lychees, and you are leaving! How could you tear yourself away!!!