Sunday, 8 June 2014

Baby Monkey, Baby Monkey!

 I'm back in Lethbridge now and recovering from all the excitement so I wanted to post some more gelada pictures. Here's what baby geladas look like...

Babies spend a lot of time playing. These two are showing the open-mouthed play face. One of the baby geladas' favourite games is a sort of "king of the castle" game. Any sort of rock or steep slope will do, and the babies and juveniles wrestle and jump or push each other off. They are tough little guys and falling a few meters doesn't seem to hurt them. You can see the camp road in the background.

Geladas are born with black fur that gradually lightens to the usual brown colour. The black one at the back is younger than his playmates.

When you're all tired out it's good to get a ride. Twisting your tail around mom's provides added support.

Babies hold onto the mother's fur even while sleeping. They can support themselves within a few days after birth, leaving the mother's hands free for foraging. At first they ride on the mother's belly, with easy access to her nipples so they can suckle almost constantly. Bigger infants usually ride on the mother's back, like this one on the right has just learned to do.